Maximizing the Value of Your HomeSmart Franchise

Robert Duncan

Senior Director Georgia Market, Franchise and National Event Operations for HomeSmart

Robert Duncan broke into the real estate industry in 2016, joining PalmerHouse Properties and serving as the brokerage’s Chief Operating Officer. He went on to become a part of the Bamily in 2021 upon the successful completion of HomeSmart’s acquisition of PalmerHouse Properties.
Robert’s passion for helping businesses unlock exponential growth, making his partnership with HomeSmart a perfect fit. Staying onboard after the acquisition, Robert’s drive, commitment and creativity continues to push the HomeSmart brand into new markets.
A consummate real estate professional, Robert plays an important role in strengthening the vision of HomeSmart Founder and CEO, Matt Widdows, fostering success and prosperity for agents and their clients. His leadership of the brokerage’s service teams has streamlined processes, providing HomeSmart with the necessary efficiency required to support agents’ business.
In addition to his investment in operation excellence, Robert leverages his technological expertise to work closely with each of the brokerage’s technology partners.