From 2000-2024: Our Founder’s Story
Q&A with Matt Widdows
Maximizing the Value of Your HomeSmart Franchise

Matt Widdows

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, HomeSmart

Matt Widdows is the CEO and founder of HomeSmart International and HomeSmart Phoenix. After several years in the real estate industry and a background in software for the medical industry, Widdows founded HomeSmart in 2000 as a new concept real estate brokerage in the Metropolitan Phoenix market. HomeSmart was founded based on the principle of providing high value and service at a low cost to agents.
Over the course of the next decade he grew the Arizona-based brokerage from two agents to over 6,000 agents, making HomeSmart the number one market share company it is today. Widdows remains dedicated to providing an efficient and systematized structure to the real estate brokerage business which has enabled him to operate the most successful real estate brokerage in the U.S. His philosophy on technology is to only build and provide software and tools which serve to save time and streamline processes.
Based on his personal experience as a real estate broker, Widdows created proprietary systems and technology platforms for franchisees and then launched the HomeSmart concept into an international franchising company in 2010. HomeSmart is built around technology which provides franchisees and agents alike with cutting-edge tools, a high-energy culture and efficiencies which enable them to spend more time focusing on clients and the profitability of their businesses.
Placing an emphasis on customer service at all levels is of the utmost importance to Widdows and it is with that focus that his team launched an aggressive franchise expansion campaign in the U.S. in mid-2014. Widdows’ goal is to replicate the success of the HomeSmart brokerage in Arizona in other major markets across North America.
In addition to his HomeSmart companies, Widdows also owns several other successful companies related to the real estate industry. Outside of real estate, Widdows enjoys flying, the outdoors and spending time with his family.